Police Brutality

Police Brutality

What is police Brutality?

The use of excessive force by a police officer on a victim or victims going beyond the amount required to avoid injury, or control a situation is referred to as police brutality.

Why is it an issue?

In the United States, police violence is a primary cause of death among young males. Approximately one out of every 1,000 black men will be slain by police during their lifetime. Police killings of black women and men, as well as American Indian and Alaska Native women and men, are much higher than white women and men. Latino guys are also more likely than white men to be slain by police.

Who does it affect?

Research has clearly proven that race, sex, and age are all linked to criminal justice system exposure. People of color have a higher risk of being killed by police than white men and women.


1. "Hands off" policy

This policy, set in place at the Las Vegas Police Department, decreased force used by 23%.

2. Requiring officers to de-escalate the situation before using force.

3. Setting guidlines on the amount of force that can be used.

Action List

1. Look around, are you or anyone you know greatly affected by this issue.

2. If so, how can you contribute to a solution for this issue?
3.Share solutions, and what you've learned to friends, family, and/or social media.